Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm afraid to Twitter.
Seriously...I have Twitterphobia. Why you ask? It already feels like I spend 98.75% of my time with some sort of electronic device at my fingertips or on my ear.....what would happen if I start Twitter-ing???? MAN!-- I don't think I would ever be able to finish making a purse! I'm always on the computer plus, I'm not really a "text-er", I like to TALK on my phone--plus I have one of the ancient keypads where you have to hit the button 4 times to type an "S"....(who's laughing with me???) hee hee hee

It took me 3 years to blog, so I guess that by 2012 when everyone else is on to the next new thing, I will then be Twitter-ing! LOL!
In all reality, I know I will be soon (a Twitter-er) it is (as the rest of the technology) irresistible..
As soon as I get my new pink phone this fall--. Besides, after so many people ask you "Do you Twitter?" You will. (Thus the blog, lol))
Now, I must get back to the purses-- I am working on a ton of customs and still sketching that new wallet design! :)

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