Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr. Froggy...

Hey all!
I'm trying to get in control/have a better schedule of this blogging thing--lol--I'll get it together one day!
So, I've had a couple of people ask me at the Froggy picture on the right over yonder...
I love Froggies which is pretty miraculous seeing as how I used to be scared of them when I was little.
There is a mama and a baby frog that live outside my house "somewhere" (still haven't figured out where! although I know it has something to do with the flower bed in front of out house because that is where they always "enter and exit") and they come to my porch to visit frequently. I go out there all the time just to check if they are there. But they only come 1) At night (with no porch light on) and 2) when it is warm. I have named the little one "Mr. Froggy"--lol--I am convinced he is some re-incarnated person because of how often he comes to see me. He will literally come all the way to my front door and just sit there waiting for me to come out. A few months back when I opened the door he JUMPED right in my house. It was pretty funny, my son had to help me get him out because he didn't want to leave! So after that, I started opening the door and jumping out and closing the door really fast behind me.....(disaster story coming in 5,4,3,2....) So about 3 weeks ago I opened the door (no porch light remember), popped out and quickly started to shut the door behind me when I felt some resistance---the weather stripping is loose on out front door so I was SURE that's what it was...I was WRONG! --Welp, Mr. Froggy was trying to jump in as I was closing the door and I almost SMOOSHED him in my front door-----Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--I was a WRECK! I mean I cried like a newborn child. I thought for sure he was a goner~ Luckily, only his leg was a little smooshed--but it was sooooo sad because he was "limp" jumping with his little smooshed leg, he was having a really hard time. He backed up against the wall and just sat there looking at me like "Whhhhyyyy did you DO tha to me?!?!?!" I ran inside (could barely see from the tears) and grabbed a magazine, came back out and scooped him up on it. I took him back to the flower bed where I gently sat him down. Then I sat there are cried some more. I was so upset!
It took my husband about an hour of trying to convince me that he would be fine because he was an amphibian and he would heal back just fine. I was still crying and leery.
Needless to say, I didn't see Mr. Froggy for about 2 weeks---no sign of him or his mommy what soever. Then one day my sister went out and Mr. Froggy AND his mamma were outside waiting--my sister came inside snickering "Mr. Froggy's back and he brought his mom!--they DO NOT look happy!" I ran outside and told them (Yes, you read it right--I TALK to the frog's that live outside my house) that is was an accident and not to be scared because I don't want to hurt them. They accepted my apology because now everything is back to normal! They are back to visiting a couple of night a week! Yaaaayyy
Soooo, that is the story of Mr. Froggy...I am really going to miss him when we move this summer! :(
The Froggy illustration on the right was done by a wonderful artist named Natalie Dee. If you click on the picture it will take you to her website. She is HILARIOUS--I love her! I actually found her work through a wonderful woman I met on Etsy and became totally addicted to her work! A note of warning--Some of her comics are a bit un-PC--but that's why I love them! LOL--if we live in a world were we can't laugh at ourselves, we are in sad, sad shape. So I truly love her work because most of her comics are things we all experience/feel but don't talk about!...and some of them are just fun and silly! Check her out, she ROCKS!

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