Monday, April 6, 2009

Purses galore...

I am working on a bunch of new listings for the Etsy shop--
I hope to have some done within the next few days. I had some custom orders and a boutique order that I was working on but I am done with those now so it is time for more purses!

It is Hypernoodle's **BIRTHDAY**---Woooooo Hooooo! I opened my Etsy Hypernoodle shop in October of 2007, but I didn't start selling until March of 2008. So for the next few weeks in celebration of Hypernoodle's birthday (yes, I know it is now April and I have missed the mark-lol), I will be having special surprises for those Etsy customers who place an order! (I love surprises!!) It is all part of my customer appreciation montage because "I love and appreciate all of my customers!!"

I've got my Etsy fabric shop open as well--it is called Hypernoodle2...FabricNoodle! I've got some great deals on fabric by the bolt, if you are needing some Michael Miller prints you should check it out. here's a link...

Back to the purse-makin'!

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