Friday, October 16, 2009


Howdy ya'll!
Man~I know it's been awhile since my last post, I told you I'm a Blog
Sooooooo, I went to Quilt Market again this year in Houston. For those who don't know what Quilt Market is: it is a GIANT vendor trade show where you can see and place orders for all the wonderful new fabrics and gadgets to sew & quilt with. It is SUCH a blast because you get to see all the newest fabrics before they hot the shelves---and you tould not BELIEVE all the awesome fabrics that will be coming out!!! Being at Market is like being a kid in a severely overstocked candy store (especially for those of us who are addicted to fabric)!
Like the space cadet I am, I forgot to bring my camera (Booooo!) which really bites because I wanted to take pictures of some of the awesome booths this year to post here on my blog! I got to meet fabric designers Paula Prass and Patty Young and they had the coolest booths in the Michael Miller section! I also got to chat again with Nancy Zieman and Anna Marie H. who I had met previously--it is such a thrill to get to meet the fabulous ladies who design all of these wonderful fabrics and products!
This was my 2nd time at Market and as fun as it is, it is really overwhelming! There is so much ground to cover, so much to see and so many decisions to make! I had a plan b4 I got there on what I was going to get for my fabric shop and that plan went out the window because there were so many new and awesome fabrics to choose from. The new bolts should be arriving in the next few weeks through the end of the year--so be on the lookout for them in my fabric shop! I know you will love all of the cool designs! Yippee!!! I already can't wait for Spring Quilt Market and I promise that I will not forget my camera for that one!
I'll fill you in more later on my fabulous Quilt Market Adventure! :)

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