Thursday, April 24, 2014

Swell your Stash! Where to shop now for fabrics...

Now that Hypernoodle Fabrics is coming to an end...where in the world can you buy your fabric?  There's got to be good shops out there to feed your Hypernoodle, right?
Well, I've got suggestions on how you can "Swell your Stash"!
Swell your Stash is my new series of posts that will help you figure out...well, how to make your stash swell up even bigger!  Us fabric groupies gotta stick together! hee hee hee!

I went into very short lived panic mode when I made the decision to close my fabric shop, it was short lived because I realized I didn't use any of the fabrics in my shop anyway because I never had time! LOL!  It's been so long since I've had the time to shop for fabric that I wanted to use and not what I needed for the shop, I wasn't sure where to start...

So I did some research....A LOT of research on different fabric shops to figure out which shops have these main things:

•Good selection of manufacturers 
•Variety of fabric genres/designers
•Fair pricing
•Fast Shipping
These are the main, basic principles that all fabric shops should strive for.  The first shop suggestion I have for you has mastered these principles with perfection:

If you don't know about HAWTHORNE THREADS, you should because this shop is amaze-balls!
Husband and wife Lindsay and Charlie run this shop and have put together an online dream for today's fabric lover.  Lindsay and I recently conversed about how much we have in common about the way our fabric shops started.  Lindsay has serious fabric shop passion and it shows brilliantly in her incredible shop.

The selection at Hawthorne Threads is simply to DIE makes me drool just looking at "Lindsay's Picks" on the home page.  There are fabrics across the board for everyone's aesthetic and preference ~ grouped together beautifully and easy to search for as well.  Shipping is super duper fast as well~(just like your Hypernoodle order used to come!)
The best part about Hawthorne Threads is their tiered pricing system.  You never need a coupon on their website because of the per yard and multi yard cut automatic discounts.  Even better, sign up for an account and log in every time you place an order and you'll get an additional Customer Appreciation Discount once you've reached a certain amount of yards based on how many yards you've ordered as a repeat customer.  Sweet!

You want to talk about the most amazing knack for grouping photos to display is truly jaw dropping. Check out this ensemble Hawthorne put together of Camelot Fabrics 'Gray Matters' line:
I mean, if this doesn't make you want to sew (and buy), what will?!?  I'm doing a bag tutorial that will be posted very soon with some Gray Matters fabric...and as luck would have it, you can get some of this fabric at Hawthorne Threads!
Head on over and take a browse on the Hawthorne Threads website.  You will be over the moon 'fabric Happy' and I'm certain that you will find something to "Swell your Stash"!   
Happy Browsing!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bonus Fabric Website Coupon!

The fabric store shop closing sale on the website is still active!
You can use coupon code "BYE40" for 40% off your order of any size until the website is closed down.
There are only a few more days of the fabric website being live~ there's still some fabric left so for my last MONDAY MADNESS, here is a special coupon:

50% off your fabric order of 10 yards of more with coupon code "BYE50"- Monday only, 4/21/14!

This is a bonus coupon as a special "Thank you"!  This 50% off coupon is only good Monday, April 21, 2014 only until midnight, CST, USA.
(Remember, you can still use the 40% off coupon until the website closes down!)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bag Interfacing & there a difference?

When I first started making bags, I exclusively used Pellon Interfacing products and Coats & Clark threads...mainly because that is about it as far as selection at my local craft/fabric stores. PLUS if I had a coupon (You ALL know "those" coupons if you are in the US), it was even better.
For years, I used Pellon's Craft or Deco Fuse and Fusible Thermolam for interfacing and Coats & Clark thread to sew-- grabbing them up with "those" coupons and advertised 50% off thread sales.  I always thought that these were my only options....until running across some products at Quilt Market a few years back.  Now you may be wondering..."Is there a difference? Aren't the other options just about the same?"
I am here to tell you guys, there are other options and they will make a huge difference.... please know that these are my opinions from my experience and I'm not being paid or sponsored by any of these companies, so this is just me honestly sharing with you my thoughts.
Let's start with thread...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fabric Store closing story...

So yes, HYPERNOODLE FABRICS is closing down.  It has been a glorious 7 years of fast paced, amazing, challenging fun…along with quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears.  I have gotten a ton of messages about why I am closing the fabric shop down.  The quick version to it is that My Hypernoodle needs to be fed…lol… 
If you’d like to know the more detailed story, here it is…
Ironically, when I actually started the fabric side of Hypernoodle, it was kind of an afterthought.
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