Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hypernoodle from my heart...

So, most of you already know what "Hypernoodle" but people still ask me so for those who don't know--here is the breakdown...
"Noodle" is actually my son's nickname from birth. My friend actually started calling him that because he was trying to crawl very early and he looked like a wet noodle trying to do it! Then he started trying to walk very early and it was funny watching his legs wobble (like a wet noodle) as he was trying to stand up and move. Over the months and years many adjectives have been added in front of the "Noodle"--when he was in diapers it was "PoopyNoodle" when he started eating by himself it was "MessyNoodle", when he was just being his little adorable self it was "CutieNoodle". He was a magnificent, bright, happy little boy who excelled in everything he did was putting together sentences and 4 year old puzzles when he was 18 months so then he was "SmartNoodle" because the "Noodle" was also a name for his noggin/brain....then...IT happened.....vaccination time...Now--don't get me wrong, I am NOT anti-vaccination by any means. I think vaccinations are a good thing and they have saved many lives over the years--however, I don't think that our children should be given all of those live viruses at one time--it is too much for their little immune systems to handle. The "one size fits all" policy the CDC recommends for childhood vaccinations does NOT work for every child! If the immune system is compromised at the time of vaccination for any reason--pumping a live virus into it certainly isn't (in my opinion) going to be a good thing! I found out years later that giving your child Tylenol (as some doctors suggest for comfort with the shots) on the day of vaccinations weakens their immune system! I am not going to get into the politics of vaccinations here--I know with some people it is a very sensitive subject and I know some people want us parents to "get off of" the vaccination causes Autism train because the Government keeps telling us that vaccinations do NOT cause Autism................ummmmmmm, the Government used to tell us that smoking didn't cause cancer either! HELLO!!!! I don't think the vaccinations cause Autism, but I firmly and strongly believe they trigger it---1 in 150 children has a form of Autism----all I can tell you is that I saw the life literally sucked out of my child within 24 hours of his vaccination at 18 months. I liken it to a vacuum being put on top of his head and turned is the most bizarre and emotionally painful thing for a parent to witness. He was diagnosed with Mild Autism at the age of 3. I was on a mission from the time that happened to "get him back" so with many years of therapy/treatment and early use of vitamin supplements he is still a magnificent, bright, happy BIG boy--lol--doing his very best to function in a world with all of us "typical" folks! He was "upgraded" (if you will) from Mild Autism to the more clinical name Aspergers when he was 8 years old (which is basically an extremely high functioning version of Autism). He is just awesome and I love him the mostest!
Now, the "Hyper" part was added onto the "Noodle" by my family & husband. When I started making purses and was introduced to Etsy by my friend Dawn (thanks, Dawn!!) I was trying to think of a business name and "Noodle" was an obvious choice. So at first it was just going to be called "Noodles"and then one day my aunt said to me "WHERE does your mind come up with all of these things?!??!" and I told my husband and he said "Well, you do have an overactive mind!" and then it clicked------

overactive mind----overactive----overactive---hmmmm--overactive---HYPER!

Wooooo Hooooo!
I'm so glad to this day that that is the name I choose, I wanted it to be fun and it fits me and the purses to a "T". I didn't want it to be my actual name either so that people weren't walking around with a bag with my name in it somewhere-- even though I designed, created and constructed it--the customer was still buying it and why should you have to carry a bag with my name in/on it? (more on that later--lol)
So that is the meaning of is truly from my overactive mind to your bag at a time! LOL

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