Sunday, October 19, 2014

Facebook Friday Sewing Meme Funnies to Pin!

Hi everybody!  Yes....I know, I have been slacking...severely...
In the midst of (yet another) move, summer vacation and a new job, the old bloggy-blog here has not gotten much attention!  :(
The good news is #1) I have not forgotten about the patterns!  Behind the scenes, I have been hard at work on getting together several purse patterns and also creating and making prototypes of new designs!  I'll have a more detailed post about this verrrry soon!

And #2) I have been keeping up with the Friday Funnies on my Facebook page!  So many of you have expressed your love for them ~ I'm so glad you enjoy them!

I've had quite a few people mention that it is difficult to Pin them to Pinterest from Facebook so I decided to periodically post a few at a time here on my blog so you can Pin your hearts out!  I'll also be posting them all to my Pinterest page in the near future so your can also pin them directly on site.  Here are the first few... Enjoy!

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