Monday, March 22, 2010

Worst Blogger 2009...

I think it is safe to say...without a shadow of a doubt...that the recipient of the "Worst Blogger of 2009" goes tooooooo.....(drum roll puleezzzz!!!) HYPERNOODLE!!! I'm sorry ya'll--(the whole handful of my followers) I have been negligent and the only excuse I have is I've been busy, BUSY, busy! Which is a good thing! The purse and fabric orders are keepin' me on my toes! I promise that I will try to do better in 2010--this was one of my New Years resolutions and being as how it is now can all see how *wonderfully* this is working out! HA! Part of my problem is, since I am such a creative being, the layout of my blog page is not very inspiring to me :( & since I know zip, zilch, NADA about web design--I am stuck, stuck, stuck! BUT, my dear friend Dawn and my sister both know how to design graphics n'stuff soooooooooo, (*hint hint*) hopefully soon, I will have an inspiring blog to come to to actually BLOG! Yaaaaaaayyyy!! Be back soon!! (sooner than before anyway!)
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