Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Country Rooooooaad, take me Hoooooommme to the plaaaaace, I beeeelllooonnnngggg...

I am such a BAD blogger--MAN! See why I told you I can't twitter?!?

I do have a semi-reasonable excuse though...I moved from Texas to Colorado and am just settling in back home here in Colorado. So much has changed, it's crazy--but there is no place like home!..only 1 problem though...I really, REALLY miss Texas (*sigh*) what's a girl to do? (woe is me, Mr. Froggy!!!!)
I am trying to get re-adjusted, but it hasn't been that easy...I never in a million years thought I'd miss Texas after I left--I was wrong...que cera! This doesn't surprise me because all my life I've had "wanderlust" wanting to move around all over the Country and the World. Honestly, if I could have my way, I'd move to the U.K--(I am a British wannabe...more on that later) not permanently but if I was a kazillionaire, I'd live there like 6 months out of the year and live in the U.S the other half....ohhhhh starry eyed wanderlust--when will you leave me alone???? LOL
Anyhoo--don't be surprised if I'm moving again in a year! LOL

Sooooo, I re-opened my Etsy shops (purses & fabric) and got some new listings in the purse shop! Yaaay! I am working on a large fabric order to expand the selection in the FabricNoodle shop so be on the lookout for that!
I'm working on some more new purse listings as well--I have 1 new design I'm working out right now --it is a zippered closure version of the Lil Ms Sassy bag.--I'm working out all the kinks and hope to have it done by this weekend! I've put the new wallet design on the back burner for now because the current one I'm making is so popular! I already have 3 wallet custom orders since I re-opened shop a couple of days ago! I'm going to hold off on the other new designs until the Fall so that I can concentrate on getting more listings in my purse shop and more fabric in the fabric shop!
So glad to be back and running!!!!!


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