Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Overload...cannot compute....

My "Hypernoodle" is on overload with new designs. I have so many floating around in my head and sketched, it's unbelievable!
There are so many new and different things I want to do & try--the new wallet design is almost complete--although I probably won't get to even finishing the prototype until after the move. I also have a clutch--another zippered bag, a LARGE bag, another small one, a round pouch, a hobo, a tote and a convertible backpack style bag as well. There are so many --I don't know how many will actually come to fruition within a reasonable time but they are all up there in my "Hypernoodle" and will make it eventually!
I recently made a custom wristlet for a wonderful customer that was a mix of my convertible wristlet/a key fob and my wristlet pouch. It was so much fun to do! I actually loved the result and want to make some more of those too!
I have been looking into using some new materials as well. I love my cotton prints--will never stop using those! But last fall, I got addicted to suede and corduroy...I love texture and they come in so many great colors now! I like mixing other fabrics with the cotton prints--gives dimension and interest! Even though I love mu cotton prints, I want to do some more solid colored bags too--no worries though--the inside lining will still be a print--I still have to have them somewhere!
So be on the lookout for new things later this summer and of course in the fall! If you have any comments on things you'd like to see, or which ones you'd prefer to see sooner rather than later (lol) please feel free to send me an e-mail
I always like to hear from you all! :)

Bad Blogger!!! BAD!!

I know....I have been a "bad blogger"--lol--I have already slapped myself on the wrist to chastise myself--so no worries! hee hee hee
I have been sooooooooo incredibly busy, it is insane! I had a boatload of custom orders and the fabric shop is sailing along way beyond my expectations! I haven't even logged into my Artfire shop in forever! :( BAD! I honestly welcome it though--it is such an incredible honor to make bags, wallets and wristlets for all of you-I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. It brings me such happiness to be able to share my creative vision with everyone! I appreciate so very much the way you have accepted me and shown the love with your open arms into my "Hypernoodle" world! Thanks again, ladies! :) You ROCK!
I am preparing for my big move--so that has added a totally new piece of busy into my world! For those of you who don't know, I am moving back home to Colorado next month. We have been in Texas for 3 years and I really like Houston--it's just not home. I miss my family and friends something terrible and it just became very apparent that I need to go back. The "icing on the cake" so to speak --was Hurricane season last fall....ummmmmmmmmm--yeppers--that did it! A hurricane is like nothing I have ever experienced before---it is really hard to describe because it is such intense weather and WIND that it will have you curled in a ball like a baby. Despite all of that-- the destruction it causes is so alarming--ripping trees from their roots and all. I have always felt such empathy for those who had to endure Hurricane Katrina--and our Hurricane Ike was nowhere near the devastation they had to suffer!
After the actual storm--we were without power for 2 1/2 weeks--it was insane. My son told me "Mom, I want to go back to Colorado" I asked him why and he said he never wants to go through another Hurricane ever again--lol--he said the weather here SUCKS! I told him that there is bad weather in Colorado too--blizzards...he said "Well at least after a blizzard your house is still standing!".....sometimes kids hit the nail right on the head don't they? LOL--Don't get me wrong, Blizzards can cause damage just as well--but I actually miss the snow (ACK!--can't believe I'm saying that!) Anyone who knows me knows I have 3 fears in life:

1. Drowning/Deep Water
2. snakes
3. Driving in the snow

I am fine with the snow as long as I don't have to drive in it--then I get all panicky--sweaty palms and the whole 9--lol--but I LOVE to look at it. There is nothing like being snowed in with the ones you love while a pretty white blanket of snow covers the ground....cup of hot chocolate, roaring fire...a good board game...ahhhhh the simple things :) gotta love it!
Sooooo--back home we go! Can't wait! My shops will go into vacation mode while we are moving and while I get settled in set up back home--but not for long! I'll be back up and running before ya know it. I'll keep you posted on when it will actually happen--but it won't be for at least another month! Still got bags to make! I refuse to pack up my sewing room until the very last minute!!!!
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