Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dot Scrap Bundles and Fat Quarters!

Finally back from Summer Vacay/decompress mode! Yay!
I went back home to Colorado to visit family (which is always a treat!) & now it's back to real life and my "Crafty World".
I did the Scrap and FQ Bundles on FB before I left on vacay and got quite a few requests on more DOT bundles in the interim. Soooooooo...I'm offering more DOT bundles to anyone who is interested.  
•The FQ DOT BUNDLES are $34.00 plus $5.50 shipping to a US Address.  FQ DOT BUNDLES will contain 20 (Twenty) different fat quarters of dot fabrics.  FQ size is 18" x 22"

•The SCRAP PAK DOT BUNDLES are also $34.00 plus $5.50 shipping to a US Address.   The SCRAP PAK DOT BUNDLES will contain 2 lbs of scrap pieces in various lengths.  All widths are 44/45".
(**Please note: if you are NOT in the US the shipping will be $24.00)
Here is an example pic of the bundles:
The bundles shown above are EXAMPLES only, you will not receive an exact replica of any of the bundles shown above.  
I will create a custom blend of dots for you and you will receive a fabulous mix of different ones.  This is a SUPER deal and a great way to build your DOT stash very economically!

If you'd like a bundle, please message me (you can comment below this post, email me or message me on Facebook)--be sure to let me know:
• If you'd like the DOT Fat Quarters Bundle or DOT Scrap Pak Bundle
•Your email address so that I can send you a Paypal invoice
If you request a bundle and an invoice is sent to you, the invoice must be paid within 24 hours or the invoice will be cancelled and the bundle will be released to the next person waiting.

Bundles are limited and it is a first come, first served if you'd like to purchase, be sure to request quickly!
Happy sewing!

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