Monday, March 24, 2014

It is time... Hypernoodle Fabrics is closing

It is both with a heavy and a happy heart that I type this post…
After countless months of heavy soul searching, The Hypernoodle Fabrics website will be closing its doors in April 2014. 

You all have been the BEST, most amazing and loyal Hypernoodle Fabrics customers ever! 
I have made so many “fabric friends” over the last 7 years through the fabric shop & I so very much appreciate all of you sticking with me and Hypernoodle Fabrics.  It has been a fabulous journey! 
So many of you have been wondering why there hasn’t been anything in the “COMING SOON” section on the fabric website and why fabrics are not being restocked.  I’ve made the decision that my creative zazzle needs to be addressed in new endeavors and with that, the fabric store side of HYPERNOODLE must come to an end….a more detailed post on the closing will be coming soon…
Please know that HYPERNOODLE as a whole is not going away though!  Hypernoodle will continue on as what it originally started as 

“Projects, ideas and Handmade for the Overactive Mind”

… PLUS…finally, after all these years, I am delving into what everyone has been asking for since Hypernoodle began…tutorials and patterns!  I've also got some other VERY exciting things in the works, I don't want to say too much now, but I am so pumped!  Even though the fabric shop journey is coming to an end, I am super-duper excited to start this new journey and I hope that you all will continue on it with me!

Now the GOOD news!  The remaining fabric stock I have must go!  Starting today, you can use the coupon code “BYE30” on the website for 30% off your order of any size.  But, the more you buy, the more you save---If you put $200.00 or more in your cart, you can get 40% off with coupon code “BYE40”.  Everything must go and the website will stay up for a limited time with these deals.  Once the website goes down, any remaining stock will go into the Etsy Fabric shop until sold without the coupons.  There is not much left fabric-wise so act now to pile your stash at amazing going out of business prices!  Make sure to head over to the website and use the coupon codes to get the best selections and grab your savings before they are gone!

A more detailed post on the fabric store closing is coming soon…plus, I’m not leaving you high and dry…Since Hypernoodle Fabrics will be no more, I’ll be referring you to a FABULOUS online fabric store where you can get your fabric fix to feed your “Hypernoodle” going forward!

Love ya'll!

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