Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad Blogger!!! BAD!!

I know....I have been a "bad blogger"--lol--I have already slapped myself on the wrist to chastise myself--so no worries! hee hee hee
I have been sooooooooo incredibly busy, it is insane! I had a boatload of custom orders and the fabric shop is sailing along way beyond my expectations! I haven't even logged into my Artfire shop in forever! :( BAD! I honestly welcome it though--it is such an incredible honor to make bags, wallets and wristlets for all of you-I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. It brings me such happiness to be able to share my creative vision with everyone! I appreciate so very much the way you have accepted me and shown the love with your open arms into my "Hypernoodle" world! Thanks again, ladies! :) You ROCK!
I am preparing for my big move--so that has added a totally new piece of busy into my world! For those of you who don't know, I am moving back home to Colorado next month. We have been in Texas for 3 years and I really like Houston--it's just not home. I miss my family and friends something terrible and it just became very apparent that I need to go back. The "icing on the cake" so to speak --was Hurricane season last fall....ummmmmmmmmm--yeppers--that did it! A hurricane is like nothing I have ever experienced before---it is really hard to describe because it is such intense weather and WIND that it will have you curled in a ball like a baby. Despite all of that-- the destruction it causes is so alarming--ripping trees from their roots and all. I have always felt such empathy for those who had to endure Hurricane Katrina--and our Hurricane Ike was nowhere near the devastation they had to suffer!
After the actual storm--we were without power for 2 1/2 weeks--it was insane. My son told me "Mom, I want to go back to Colorado" I asked him why and he said he never wants to go through another Hurricane ever again--lol--he said the weather here SUCKS! I told him that there is bad weather in Colorado too--blizzards...he said "Well at least after a blizzard your house is still standing!".....sometimes kids hit the nail right on the head don't they? LOL--Don't get me wrong, Blizzards can cause damage just as well--but I actually miss the snow (ACK!--can't believe I'm saying that!) Anyone who knows me knows I have 3 fears in life:

1. Drowning/Deep Water
2. snakes
3. Driving in the snow

I am fine with the snow as long as I don't have to drive in it--then I get all panicky--sweaty palms and the whole 9--lol--but I LOVE to look at it. There is nothing like being snowed in with the ones you love while a pretty white blanket of snow covers the ground....cup of hot chocolate, roaring fire...a good board game...ahhhhh the simple things :) gotta love it!
Sooooo--back home we go! Can't wait! My shops will go into vacation mode while we are moving and while I get settled in set up back home--but not for long! I'll be back up and running before ya know it. I'll keep you posted on when it will actually happen--but it won't be for at least another month! Still got bags to make! I refuse to pack up my sewing room until the very last minute!!!!

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  1. I have been in Colorado my whole life and I absolutely love winter but I am terrified of driving in the snow too. I don't sleep at all the night before a big storm is predicted, and I get sweaty palms too. I try to carpool with my husband if I know it'll be bad, but I am terrified when I have to drive in really bad weather!


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