Thursday, May 30, 2013

Learn to Sew with Amber at "Crazy Little Projects" Blog

I've had quite a few folks tell me they love using fabrics for crafts, but have no idea how to sew.  I get asked often to do tutorials & yes, they are coming soon! :)  But they will be awfully long having to explain some of the more fundamental steps.

So, Amber over at Crazy Little Projects has the perfect solution!  
A "LEARN TO SEW" series!  

This series is *perfect* for learning the basics so that you can begin sewing!  If you know the basics, you can conquer almost any online tutorial or project~including the ones coming from me!
Amber did an adult series earlier this year and now she is doing a 'kids & teens' series this summer starting June 12th.  BUT, here's the best part...adults can still participate in the kids series!  It will have the same fundamentals taught as the adult series!  Here's a peek at some of the projects you'll be able to learn how to do:
With lessons like: "Meet Your Machine" and "How to Sew a Straight Line", you can easily learn to sew!
Amber has even compiled a fantastic Sewing Dictionary to help you master sewing terminology!

I highly recommend Amber's Learn to Sew series if you are interested in learning to sew or brushing up your skills.

To help kick off the series, we're doing a GIVE-AWAY of a super cute bundle of kids fabrics straight from the Hypernoodle website!  Would you like to win this bundle?
Of course!
Head over to the CRAZY LITTLE PROJECTS blog and enter!  Be sure to follow Amber's blog and stay tuned for the start of this summer's "Learn to Sew" series!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tie Dye Diva Patterns

I don't like store bought patterns...why?  you ask...
The tissue paper is one of the main reasons!  I did a tutorial a while back on how to get multiple sizes on a store bought patter so you don't have to cut up that darned tissue paper because once you do...that's all she wrote!
Maybe I'm a whiner...but I just despise cutting up that tissue paper!  It rips sooooo easily!

I don't use patterns on the bags, wallets and the more simple garments I make.  But for the more complex or involved garments, I love PDF patterns!  They are so handy when you are either learning to sew, don't know how to create your own patterns or are in a time crunch and don't have the brain cells to figure out measurements for the perfect fit! 
With that said, one of the best PDF pattern makers is Tie Dye Diva Patterns!  Jen, the shop owner has the CUTEST designs!  Here's a peek at one:

photo courtesy of Tie Dye Diva

Adore-ABLE!  Love!  Here's another design to give you an idea of the absolute amazing-ness involved:

photo courtesy of Tie Dye Diva

Is your mouth gaping open yet???  and YES you CAN make these!  
Jen makes the instructions easy to follow with suggestions for each pattern on the sewing experience needed to complete it (beginner/advanced beginner, etc)
Tie Dye Diva has instant download available so you can get your patterns quickly with no gas, time or trip to the store!  The PDF formats come in multiple sizes and the BEST part is...NO tissue paper!  You can print the patterns out on your regular printer and get to sewing right away!
The lovely thing about PDF patterns is that even with multiple sizes, you can print on demand and recreate the other sizes in the snap of a finger!  Brilliant!

I contributed to an article on Tie Dye Diva's Blog about coordinating's a link to Jen's blog article:

The article will be in 3 parts and has some wonderfully useful and insightful information from designers about choosing fabrics for your project.

Jen at Tye Dye Diva Patterns and I have teamed up to give you some fantastic deals!
You can save on patterns at Tie Dye Diva's webstore by using these coupon codes:

"FABMATCH"  = 15% off your pattern order
"BUNDLE"  = 25% off your order of 3 or more patterns
Here's a link to Jen's webstore:
Check out all her patterns and save!

You can also use the above codes for Fabric orders from
as follows:

"FABMATCH" = 10% off your fabric order
"BUNDLE" = 15% off your order of $50.00 or more PLUS FREE US SHIPPING!

Above codes are valid until the end of the week...Coupons expire on Friday (5-24-13) 
What a great way to save on not only some patterns from Tie Dye Diva but also Fabrics from your favorite Hypernoodle to make them in!

Don't forget to "LIKE" Tie Dye Diva's Facebook page!  Stay in the know with the latest information on new patterns and future sales/coupons!:   Tie Dye Diva Facebook page
Tell her HYPERNOODLE sent ya!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Like the fancy new blog? Let's Celebrate with a GIVE-AWAY!

Have you noticed the new, streamlined, clean blog design?  I just love it!!  More on that later...
But to celebrate, we're having a huge Fabric GIVE-AWAY!!!
Here's the link to get to the Give-Away:
Or just go to the Facebook page: 
and click on the "Sweepstakes" tab

Not only can you enter to win 10 yards of fabric--so major!!! ~ but once you submit your entry you can find out how to get BONUS entries AND a coupon! SCORE!!!

Give-Away is open until May 10, 2013 at Midnight, CST USA!
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