Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We'll we're movin on upppppp, to the skkkkkyyyy (or should I say out?)

Hey ya'll! :)
I have been needing for MONTHS to get my own personal website up and running. Since that is not happening (LOL), I have been concentrating on my Etsy store because the sales have been so wonderful! I have a full time regular job in addition to two Etsy stores and business has been great so I barely sleep! LOL--I love it--absolutely LOVE IT because creating is so much in my blood--but I also realize I've gotta slow it down too!
So, until I get my own personal website up and running (hello--expensive!--lol) I'm in the process of switching my Etsy listings to Artfire!
If you're not aware of Artfire, it is a new "Buy Handmade" shop much like Etsy. I opened my Artfire shop a couple of weeks ago the day I started this blog and have been toying with switching my listings over for the last 2 weeks. I decided last weekend to hit the green light and "go" so to speak because I made a sale on Artfire! Wooo Hooo! Plus, after analyzing the fees that Etsy charges and how much I have been spending to list, re-list and sell items, it seemed like a no-brainer! There are no listing or selling fees on Artfire~~and this is especially important to me and YOU because I can lower the costs on my items so I don't have to make up for the monies that need recouping in Etsy fees.
Don't get me wrong, I love Etsy and it has been a tremendous experience. I opened my Etsy account in October 07, but didn't become a seller and start selling until March of 08 --so in a years time, I have sold almost 400 items!
I'm realistic--I don't expect to sell that much on Artfire because for now, it is still Beta and it doesn't get nearly as much traffic as Etsy does--but everyone's got to start somewhere! I'm sure when Etsy opened they were small and there was not alot of traffc there! I am willing to give it a shot because Artfire has so many great features and a "Rapid Cart" system that makes it MUCH easier for customers to get through the checkout process! Plus with my personal website, I am really going to get more into fabric sales (more later on that!) so I wanted this venue for the purses and accesories~
So to all my loyal customers and any potential new ones...I am still keeping my Etsy shop open, but if it looks worries!----Look to Artfire for most of my new listings. Here is a link direct to my Artfire shop....

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