Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Windy Day prints now in stock!

It took forever~had a glitch at Michael Miller with these bolts~but they finally came yesterday-here's a peek at the collection:
I have to tell ya'll...I've seen some very pretty prints in my fabric days...but these prints are SOOOO gorgeous, I cannot even explain it to you in words!  I would absolutely without question put these in my top 5 of ALL TIME---(ALL TIME, ya'll---no joke!) of stunning prints that I have seen in my fabric days (and there have been thousands!)
Pictures just do them no justice at all--in person they took my breath away~I am so in love with them I can't even tell you!  And the funniest part is, I was *NOT* a fan of these prints when I first saw them--and maybe its because like I mentioned--pictures don't do them justice...But the more I looked at the pictures the more they grew on me and I said--these are really, really pretty!  Then I saw them at Quilt Market and I was FLOORED by how pretty they were in person--and all we got to see at Market were small sample pieces!  Now that the bolts have arrived and I get to see the whole enchilada...I've been gawking at them for the last 24 hours!
Now (LOL) I may have been biased when I first saw them too because this fabric design was from the Michael Miller Project Selvage Competition---which I entered--I did make it to the top 75 designs (out of nearly 1,000 entries!) So I am proud of myself!  But I didn't make it on to the Finals--but Patty did! (Patty Sloniger the designer of this line) and she deservedly won the competition--with prints in hand, I can no doubt see why!  SOOOOO---SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!  LOVE♥
Congrats to Patty for her amazing design!  Head on over to the website and snatch these up!  If I don't use them all for myself, I'm pretty sure they will go quickly! ☺

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