Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Stuff in Stock!

Yeppers, ya''s that time~ drum roll please for... THE NEW STUFF!
Yeeesssss!  It sure seems like it took forever, didn't it?  Michael Miller was the last of the Manufacturers this year (or should I say last year-lol) to ship the Quilt Market has been agonizing waiting--and they STILL didn't ship us everything, there are a few stragglers, but we'll let you know when those last few trickle in.
anyhoo--the majority of them are FINALLY here! Woo-Woot!
Here's a peek at a couple...

Arrrrhh!! So cute, I can't stand it! 
Head on over to the website's "WHAT'S NEW" section to check them all out:

& don't forget to also check out the "DUOS & TRIOS" section to see them all paired up with coordinates~ Happy Sewing & Shopping, ya'll! ☺

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