Monday, January 23, 2012

USPS Shipping Rates increased 1/22/12

The United States Postal Service has put through the next round of increases for certain Postal rates~
The good news is that it doesn't really alter any of the US or International 1st Class Rates~ and Priority Mail rates for US Addresses only went up on average about a Quarter. 
The unfortunate news is that International Priority Mail rates went up on average between $2.00-5.00 depending on the type of Priority Mail package.  :(
Express Mail rates for International packages jumped the most with about a $9-10 increase.

I was bummed as I'm sure alot of you are as well~ But, I was talking to my buddy at the Post Office and he was commenting about the cost of fuel and how it is continuing to rise.  Even with as much as we ship out, I still tend to almost forget that in the equation.  The rates for Priority Mail have not gone up at all--yet the cost of fuel has continued to does take fuel (and lots of it!) to get packages delivered across the Country and Abroad.  I'm sure alot of you may know, the US Post Office has lost money the last few years in a row.  They had to do something to try and counter that as its getting to the point where they were suffering such a loss, we could actually have no more USPS!  Several Post Offices around the Country closed and/or were shut down last year and lots of folks lost their jobs.  In light of that, when you think of the service being provided, combined with the fact that the Priority Mail rates have not been raised, it seems fair enough.
We get all of these Priority Mail "Flat Rate" package options instead of being charged by weight--if we were charged by weight, it would be no less than double what the Flat Rate cost is now.  So as much of a bummer as it is, we have to try and see the positive side of it --in that in all actuality, we are still getting a deal!  What do you think?

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