Monday, October 31, 2011

Quilt Market 2011

Welllllll...I am a putz~ I forgot to take my camera to Quilt Market on Saturday
So there is a serious lack of pics-...Booooooo! 
I was running late and dashed out without it--by the time I realized it, the day was almost over--but the bright side is that I did manage to take a couple of pics with my cell phone camera!
This will be a good way to give you an idea of what the booths are like as an inside peek!
You all know that I adore Micheal Miller fabric...(as well as you!) Here is a pic of what their booth looked like this year:

Michael Miller's booth at Market is usually quite a Grand Affair~ while still nice, it wasn't as "spectacular" as I've seen it at past Markets.  So to give you an idea, there are a kazillion booths at Market--from fabric companies, magazines, notions, sewing machines et all...
Like I told you previously, it is really all very overwhelming--there is so much to see & absorb!  All these companies are there to show shop owners their newest, latest & greatest products.  There is really no way to see everything.  You really have to pick and choose and have a plan or you will be soooooo at a loss (lesson learned from the 1st year I went)
So, I did have a pretty precise plan... (yay!) but part of it was taking more pics for you guys for the blog here--LOL-- so you can see how well THAT plan worked out.
Michael Miller has a TON of new fabby that was debuted at is one of the new lines from Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller:

I'm sure some of you are familiar with Pillow and Maxfield...their previous line had "Gypsy Paisley" and "Kaleidoscope" in it~ we carry both prints in the shop.  This new line is just as pretty and vibrant as their previous line...I ordered a few prints from it, including the one on the bottom right (with the turquoise background)  It is sooooooooo gorgeous!!!
One of the prints I am most excited about from Michael Miller is this one...(cause it was my idea!!!) check it out:

Yeppers, ya'll~ it is Groovy Guitar in Bloom!  YIPPEE!!!  I love both the Zoology and Groovy Guitar prints from Michael Miller...but all the colorways were more geared for boys--which is surprising because most industry prints are for girls!  So through a little fabric buddy birdie at Michael Miller, I got the idea into the Design Team's head for a Pink Zoology--(which came out as Bloom Zoology at Spring Market last year) and a Pink Groovy Guitar--which you see above & will be coming very soon!  *TAAA--DAA*  I am thrilled and I'm sure you all will be too when it gets here!

We're adding on 2 new manufacturer's prints this year...Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Timeless Treasures Fabrics.  Here's a peek at the entrance to Robert Kaufman's booth:

Now brace yourself...I ordered a TON of prints from Robert Kaufman...a lot of Anne Kelle and some other fabulous prints.  I actually think I ordered more from Robert Kaufman than I did from Michael Miller (I know, shocking--right?!?)  This was based not only on the fact that I've been eyeing quite a few of their prints for the shop, but also based on quite a few requests from fellow Hypernoodle's to carry some of them.

Then I was off to Timeless Treasures Fabrics.  They have some of the best novelty prints in the business~and lots of super cute/modern/fresh & current other prints.  Here is a sneak peek at 2 of their new lines:

A few of these in the pic above are coming to Hypernoodle Fabrics verrrry soon! ☺

Then it was off to Westminster/Free Spirit Fabrics--here's the entrance to their booth:
Ty Pennington has a new line from Westminster and we've got some of those prints on order too!
Here's a pic of the Bernina Booth:

I like Bernina's--do any of you have one? 
But I actually ended up getting a Janome Professional Machine at Market~lol...It won me had ALL the features I was looking for so I impulse bought it--but it was an awesome impulse buy--I stayed up alllllll night Saturday night setting it up and it sews like a DREAM!♥

So unfortunately, that is all the pics I have  :(
So sorry, ya'll~I know, I'm a putz~ I promise I'll do a better job at the next Quilt Market on the pics for you all!  It was still fun giving you this mini inside peek!

I'll be loading up all the new fabrics into the "COMING SOON" section of the website over the next few weeks as pics become available.  You've got a multitude of choices of new fabrics so be sure to check the website often to see all of the fabulous new prints that are going to be arriving next month and December!  I'll post a reminder here on the blog & on the Hypernoodle Facebook page to let you all know when stuff is added to the COMING SOON section so you can start making your lists!
Happy Sewing!
Michelle ☺


  1. Thanks for all the pics!
    I've been looking into getting a jenome professional, as well. Is it pretty heavy duty? I make wallets with many layers, so I need something very durable.

  2. Hi Bethany!
    The Janome Professional is pretty Heavy Duty--not "commercially" heavy--but home sewing heavy (if that makes any sense!) lol! I also have a Necchi Brand machine (also made by Janome) which is a great home heavy-duty machine and it sews through lotsa layers like butter!! top it off--it is about 1/2 the cost of the Janome Professional!!
    Michelle (HYPERNOODLE)


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