Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Almost time for Quilt Market!

For those of you who don't know, Quilt Market (in a nutshell) is a Trade Show for Fabric Shop Owners to see the latest and greatest of the Industry.  New fabric lines make their debut along with machines, notions, patterns and the likes.

International Quilt Market happens twice a year, in the Fall and Spring~ I am lucky enough that the one in the Fall always takes place in my backyard, Houston TX.  It is a 3 day non-stop, jam packed, overwhelming days of trying to absorb all of the things the Industry has to offer for the upcoming season.  It is seriously like being a kid in a candy store.  The 1st time I went 7 years ago, I went into sensory overload!  There is just sooooo much to see and not enough time to see it! 

International Quilt MARKET is a Trade show for vendors only~the general public cannot attend~so you have to be a shop owner or a press agent to obtain entrance.  BUT International Quilt FESTIVAL which is held the week after Quilt Market is a show that everyone can get into!  Quilt FESTIVAL is a show where shop owners have booths and the general public comes to enjoy shops from around the world!

Soooooooo...I'll be going to Quilt Market next weekend and I'm going to give you all a look inside the Quilt Market world!  You'll get sneak peeks of some of the new fabric lines BEFORE they come out in December and get to see the utter massive-ness of Quilt Market in progress!

That being said...there are always a TON (I mean a TON, people) of new fabric lines that come out.  We are going to be adding at least 2 (if not more) new Manufacturers to our line up of the Fabric Companies whose lines we carry.  It is definitely out with the old an in with the new! 

In order to be progressive and move forward, we've got to clear out bolts and make room for the the new stuff.  There are always certain bolts of fabric that we will carry---what we consider the "classics" (one of them is Carnival Bloom from Michael Miller.  This print has been going long and strong for as long as long as I can remember!)  But there are several prints that will be "Going Away" so to speak--so if you have been tinkering with getting a bit of something...SNATCH IT UP!  There are no guarantees that it will be around!  And this is not just here at Hypernoodle Fabrics--when new lines of prints come out, the manufacturers obviously retire and/or discontinue prints to make way for the new lines.  The manufacturers (Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Westminster--etc) only keep printing the fabrics that have met a criteria for their sales projections...and most of them fall short and will be going away.  I know from experience--  I learned the hard way that just because I love a fabric and my customers love a fabric, does not mean that it will continue to be printed by the manufacturer (HELLO- ORCHID ROUND ABOUT!--Ugh!)

So the GOOD news is there is a BOATLOAD of new stuff coming your way to choose from!
The BAD news is that some things available now, will likely not be around much longer! 
So be sure to snag the ones that are available now that you like--if you blink, they may be gone for good!

So in addition to getting an inside view into Quilt Market, we will be having an extravaganza sale coming in November~ and it will be MASSIVE!!!  Score!!
Stay tuned here on the blog for details next month...

Happy Sewing! Michelle

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  1. How exciting to see new fabrics to inspire us all before the holidays get too close! Wow, you posted before midnight! How many oatmeal pies did you have tonight so far? I personally did chocolate late at night when sewing and creating!
    Happy Quilt Weekend!

    Tallahassee, FL


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