Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look What I Made! Volume 6

Goodness!!  I have been a busy, busy bee! ~
Check out some of the stuff I've finished:

The cupcake Ipad case didn't last long in my Etsy Handmade shop~ someone swooped in up shortly after I listed it!  It was made on a whim because my "Hypernoodle" got the idea that one of my Ipad cases with a cupckae on it would be cute....and it is soooooo cute~I'm definitely going to make some more!

The top picture is a Halloween Wall Sign~I pieced together 2 fabrics, cut out the letters and stitched them on soft n' fuzzy fleece, then stitched it too the sign.  I also used ribbon to hand-make a custom bow for it and I love the results!  I originally made this sign to go in my house~ LOL--but I had to make another one for my Handmade shop, it is just adorable!  Then, I ended up making one for Thanksgiving and Christmas too!  You can check them out in my Etsy Handmade shop (click the link on the right side bar for quick access!)

And the 2nd picture is of my newest purse design.  I am really extra, super proud of this design-I think it is one of the best purses I've ever made!  I made a few all in different colors...you can check them out also in my Etsy Handmade shop!

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I have lots of other stuff in the works~whether or not I'll get them all finished is another story!  There will be another Give-Away within your reach and I'm working on a tutorial for the blog here...it's coming along~but there is a lot of work in a tutorial to make sure you are covering all the bases! 
Quilt Market is also coming in a week and 1/2 (post on this coming soon!)  and I have a gazillion things I need to do before Quilt Market....ARRRGGHHHH!  LOL!  ***Breathe*** lol... in all reality, I'm used to this by now~and I love it all--It's all in the Life and Times of your favorite Hypernoodle! ☺

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  1. Love it all! that purse is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what else you post :)


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