Thursday, September 22, 2011

RE: Who's entered all 5 Give-Away's????

My busy bee has done the research and these are the names we've come up with for those that have entered all 5 of The Hyper Hub's Give Away's but have not won:


And ladies...for your determination and devotion, you are going to receive any 2 yards of fabric in our SALE section on the website for FREE! Yippee!!! & CONGRATS! Thank you so much for entering all of our Give-Away's thus far~please go to the website & click on the "SALE" link to view the available fabrics.  Once you decide which 2 you'd like, contact me using the "CONTACT" link at the top left hand page here on the blog to let me know which ones you'd like!

If my busy bee has by chance missed someone who did enter all 5 Give-Aways (and was not a winner) Please, please, please let me know and we will triple check our records to make sure you are included!


  1. congrats to the girls!!

  2. So generous of you!
    Lucky girls :)

  3. Yippee, Thank you so much!!

    Heather B

  4. Whoehoo!! Thank you so much!
    Just got home from a lovely holiday in Egypt and what a great news you bring to me. Besides the laundry, I know what to do this evening :-)


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