Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never forget...

I was so moved by this quote:
"Grace taught me that happiness and sadness coexist" --Mary Danahy of her daughter Grace who was born after her father, Patrick perished in the attacks on 9-11-01
What a dual meaning...the fact that her daughter's name is Grace is even more poignant~

With my husband being a former Police Officer, my heart swells for all the Officers and Firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty that day.  I think often about them and all of the nearly 3,000 other innocent people who lost their lives simply because they went to work or were carrying on in their day to day.  To the family and friends of all the innocent victims, I am humbled by your strength, will and courage.  You are forever in my thoughts and prayers and I will never forget...♥


  1. It was such a sad day for everyone! Every channel had something about this tragedy..... On another good note today was a good day, a 4 year old boy was returned home after being abducted my a man from his home while he was sleeping in his bed,he was missing for 5 days.He was unharmed and now police are looking for the abductor... hold your babies close,you just never know!!! and on this day 9/11 I too will never forget! XO

    Christi B from Canada.

  2. Awww! That is good news! Happy, Happy! So glad to hear he is back home safe! ☺


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