Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look What I Made! Volume 5

Here's your sneak peek at a couple of the things I've been sewing like an animal the last few weeks!

BACKSTORY:  I got a snazzy new Ipad2 a couple of months back.  I take it with me to my son's weekly Speech Therapy appointments & had been carrying it in my arm/hand....I DROPPED it--(Ugh!) and thank goodness it wasn't damaged--ummmm yeah--lesson LEARNED!  I needed a padded case not only for protection if I dropped it, but I wanted to tote it hands free (so there was less of a chance of me dropping it!) and I wanted a strap.  I also needed a pocket to put my stylus and charger in...drum roll please....
TA-DAAAAAHHHH, Here she is!
I LOVE it, it is *PERFECT*!  I choose this cute Alexander Henry sewing print to make it in because it reflects me wonderfully!  It's got a zippered closure so it'll stay snug inside and an adjustable strap so I can make it a cross body bag if I want to instead of a shoulder strap~Yippee!!
The pocket on the front has a cute ruffled trim on it~very girly--cause I'm a true Girly Girl--but it also adds a nice design element, dontcha think?  I hand gathered the ruffle...I don't have a gathering foot on my sewing machine and when I try to use the technique with the basting stitches to ruffle, I don't like the results.
It is so super cute and functional, I can't stand it!  I've gotten sooooooooo many compliments on it at the Speech Therapy Office and requests to make some as well!  Here's a pic of the back:
I like Hardware.  I think it really makes a bag of any kind.  So I put on nickel swivel clasps, hoops and grommets.  It just adds an extra lil' somethin-somethin' to the overall look. 
It is soooo nice to put my Ipad2 in this padded sleeve and throw it on my shoulder so I can walk hands free.  The best part about it is sometimes I use it as a crossbody sling when I'm running to the store/Post Office or Gas Station...instead of putting my Ipad2 in it, I throw in my wallet, keys and phone when I'm making quick trips--it's an excellent "grab n go" carry all.

NEXT BACKSTORY:  I have a stack of bills and misc mailers on my desk.  Along with my International Shipping Customs Sleeves (for all you International customers, that is the plastic sleeve your shipping documents/customs forms are in when you get your package!)  I needed something to put them in so it didn't look like a jumbled mess.  Yes, I could have gone to Office Depot or Staples and bought a metal or paper organizer or bin...but I am a *FABRIC* Girl!!  So naturally, I made a Basket out of fabric!  Here it is with all my stuff inside:

Notice a common theme here?  LOL--Yep, the ruffle trim...I have become somewhat addicted to it here lately--it's just so darn cute!!!!  So I am able to keep all the stuff that was messing up my desk nice and neat inside this cute cupcake basket!
NOW--after I made this, I wanted to pick it up and move it and said to myself..."Self, you should have put handles on this basket"....soooo guess what?????

Yep, I made one with handles...Notice the handles are attached with Nickel Stud Rivets (Hardware again, folks--I love it!)  This one in particular is going into my Handmade Shop on Etsy this weekend with a few other ones I made.  I've got some Fabric Baskets with handles, several Ipad2 Sleeves with adjustable straps and a BRAND NEW PURSE DESIGN all going into my Etsy Handmade shop this weekend!  The new purse design is truly a labor of love that I am UBER excited about! 
Stop by my Handmade shop this weekend to see the new purse design!
I'll probably still post a pic of it here on the blog for ya next week as well~soooo excited!
I may start making tutorials here on the blog for some of the quick n' easy projects that I do--who's interested????
Happy Sewing! ☺


  1. Super dooper cute ipad bag! I love the ruffle trim and like you I have not a gathering foot for my machine. Im such a fan of ruffles and would like to use them on some of my projects but am not brave enough to try them by hand. So as for tutorials from you, im very, very interested. Thanks for sharing your awesome sewing projects with us. I made some similar baskets to store some of my plain fabrics in but that ruffle just tops them off.
    Vanessa from Aust.

  2. love them all! and tutorials would be a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! I make those I pad cases too ;D ...Great job!! I love polka dots!! tutorials are a great idea.Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

    Christi B. from Canada.. XO


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