Sunday, June 5, 2011

You say its your Biiiiiirrrthday....

Wheeeeeeeeee!!! It's my Birthday, ya'll!  And this is what I woke up to this morning...
Yipppeeeeee!!!!!  I actually *shrieked* when I saw it~ my hubby is awesome!!!  I've been wanting this Kitchen Aid Mixer (in Pink of course!) for about 7 years~ and every year I tell my hubby I want it and then I tell him "never mind" ~ I guess he got sick of this song and dance for the past 7 years -LOL!
It came right on time because my "Big Box" store mixer that I've been using had a glass bowl and I DROPPED it and it went "boom" and shattered into about 50 pieces a few months back  :(
I use a mixer a lot --& I was sooooo bummed because I've been trying to use a different bowl with it and after getting splashed in the face with rapidly moving cake batter, I decided to retire the Big Box Mixer for good.  I know, I'm so silly for being this excited about a Kitchen Mixer--LOL--but if you knew how long I've been eyeballing this thing, it would make sense!  My wonderful son got me my favvvvvorite cake~mmmmm--yummy!  Can't wait to stuff my face!  LOL! (so much for the calorie counting!)

Mainly though, Today I feel blessed and happy to be able to celebrate another birthday, smell and watch the summer flowers bloom and hear the birds sing ~it is always the little things in life that make it a joy to live ☺

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