Monday, June 6, 2011

Look What I Made! Volume 1...

My Hypernoodle is in full overdrive...and while I ♥love♥ making purses, my creative juices have been craving to make something other than a purse!  I don't have a lot of sewing time lately with the Fabric Shop and building the Website for that, but in the **wee** hours of the morning when normal people are sleeping, I have been making lists of things I'd like to make and trying to whip some of them up!  The list is growing out of control but as I get them made, I'm going to post them for you all to see in my "Look What I Made!" blog section  Here's my first adventure....Lounge Shorts...
They have a drawstring and elastic waist~ I was so proud of myself because I typically don't make clothes~I wanted to make them with a knit fabric cause it is sooooo comfy~ and I found a cool fuchsia colored one in the clearance bin at my local fabric shop.  Mind you, it has been quite sometime since I sewed with knit fabric...the 1st time I tried years ago, I didn't have the right tension on my machine and I also didn't use a Ball Point needless to say, it was a *HOT* jumbled mess and it scared me away from knits!  But I decided to try again because knowledge is power and now that I know lots more about knits--and used the right notions--it was a BREEZE!  Easy as pie!  Yaaay! 

I didn't use a pattern, I have a favorite pair of Lounge Shorts that seriously need to be retired so I laid those out to make a template for sizing purposes.
I was trying to "eyeball" it to make the template and I added waaaaaay to much for seam allowance because they are HUGE!  LOL!  I mean GIGANTIC on me!  I put them on and my husband just started hysterically laughing--but I had to laugh too because they look ridiculous they are so big!  (please laugh with me if you have ever had such a sewing mishap!)  Anyway, I'm not perfect and I love laughing at myself~so I wanted to share it with ya!  My aunt who taught me how to sew always used to tell me that you can learn a lot more from your mistakes than you ever thought--and she is SO right! 
The good news is that I actually measured myself and I know if I shave a bunch off my template, that they will work perfectly!  I guess this is why they say "measure twice/cut once", eh?

Anyway, now that I have conquered my fear of knits, I can make plenty more cool Lounge Shorts!  I have some Hello Kitty knit fabric and I'm going to have another go at it!  If they turn out as well as I hope~ I'm pretty sure I am going to have a kazillion pairs of Lounge Shorts to choose from! 
What do you guys think of Knit Fabric?  Do you use it?  Would you like to see some in the shop?  Let me know! ☺

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