Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hypernoodle long wait almost over!

I am SO excited!  The super long wait for the Hypernoodle Fabrics website is almost over!
It has been a long time coming with so much hard work put into it, I cannot wait for everyone to be able to use it!  I think you will all be so happy with the ease of shopping for all of your fabrics!  We are talking about less than 2 weeks, people!!!  Woo Hoo! 
I love Etsy~ but I know that "Custom Listings" on Etsy in the Hypernoodle Fabric store have been a point of frustration for us all.  It is not easy to shop for fabric on Etsy with the multiple variances of yardage and increments that a person can purchase fabric in. 
I have had so many customers tell me how much they LOVE Hypernoodle Fabrics, but that they wish I had a website where they could shop because shopping on Etsy gives them a migraine since they can't purchase the quantities they like automatically from *ANY* fabric shop on Etsy.  You would not believe how much people despise the "Custom Listing"!  And I cannot blame any of you!  Well...we are going to alleviate that for ya!

ON HYPERNOODLEFABRICS.COM, you will be able to:

  • customize your cart in any 1/2 yard increment you choose!  Add to your cart automatically in the increment YOU need without having to ask for then wait for a custom listing (or have a time limit on a Custom Listing!)
  • SEE the available stock of every fabric next to its listing...this will help you know what Hypernoodle Fabrics has on hand of any particular fabric in real time! 
  • Have shipping combine CORRECTLY at check out--there will be no need to worry about over-paying on shipping and then having to wait on a refund (or having to request and then wait on a custom listing to have shipping combine correctly!)
  • MORE opportunities for Coupons and Free Shipping on Hypernoodle Fabrics Website. 
...The Site is ready to go--all we have to do is load in our actual stock amounts when it goes live--**PLEASE NOTE** that once goes live, individual yards and Custom Listing WILL NOT be offered in the Hypernoodle Fabrics Etsy Store.  The Hypernoodle Fabrics Etsy store will remain open, and will have Duos and Trios only.  Those Duos and Trios will not be customizable.  This is not only to help you shop easier, but to make sure we can maintain accurate stock amounts for our "real-time" stock counts on

The only thing holding up the Grand Opening is that we are moving next week  :(  I am bummed we can't get it up for you next week, but almost everything is packed so we are going to start fresh once we are moved and settled--so look for the Grand Opening announcement around June 30th-July1st!

***WE WILL BE HAVING A ♥MAJOR♥ GIVEAWAY FOR THE GRAND OPENING OF HYPERNOODLEFABRICS.COM!!!** It is only being told about here on the BLOG!  Be sure to become a follower here on The Hyper Hub blog, as only followers will be in the running for this HUGE give-away!

Stay tuned for all the details!!!!

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