Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Look what I made Volume 8

Next chapter of my "Try a new Fabric Vow" is going quite well...
If you're not familiar, I've made a vow to try a new fabric for projects. I was getting "stuck" using the same old, same old fabrics time and time again and with all the available new GORGEOUS fabrics, why keep using the same ones?
So my brother-in-law and wife have a brand new baby girl~yay! I set out to make them a gift set...and instead of going to my staple old favorites, I used several new fabrics I've never used before. 
(please excuse the pic quality in advance--I realized before we were walking out the door the other night to take the gifts to their house that I hadn't taken pics of them so I ended up taking these photos at night with cruddy light...side note to everyone...taking pics at night in cruddy light for posting online=NOT a good idea.  I tried to edit them as best I could, but I am a sewer and not much of a photographer...que cera...)

 First, here is the mini set I made:
mini-baby blanket, contoured burp cloths and a cute lil bib with a ribbon neckband
I made these with Camelot Fabrics Hot Chocolate line....LOVE♥  
These fabrics are so cute and versatile~ 
I loved using them! They made such a cute little set!  I used a super soft rose fur minky on the back of the blanket, dotted minky on the back of the burp cloth and costume velour--that I had hiding in my stash--in the perfect colors--which I found out is also super duper soft on the back of the burp cloths

Again, sorry for the cruddy lighting...ugh...I will never do this again!!!  LOL
Note to self: Never take pics at night with cruddy light!

Next, I made a pillowcase dress and matching diaper cover pants:
Ok, yes...I am really enjoying making the Pillowcase dress...it is just the BEST, cutest, easiest little dress that looks amazing on anyone!  I even made myself some pillowcase tops (semi-disaster with creating my own pattern and sizing issues--more on this coming in another post soon) ☺
For this dress I also used tried a new fabric--another print from Camelot Fabrics called "Sweet Peas in Pink"...
It made the most adorable canvas for this outfit, I just love the way they turned out!
Camelot Fabrics has some amazing prints-they have seriously stepped up their game and I am loving the new stuff they are coming out with.  All of these prints are available on our website if you'd like to add them to your "Try a New Fabric" regimen!

I am loving trying new fabrics instead of the same old same olds...it is so much fun and using a new fabric brings an element of surprise to the finished product.  It really gets those creative juices flowing and motivates me to make more things and actually FINISH my never ending stack of unfinished projects!

Have you tried a new fabric yet?  If so, what have you made?
I'd love to hear!
Happy Sewing, Ya'll! ☺


  1. Love the little pillowcase dress and pants. Have you the pattern please. The fabric is lovely.

  2. Hi Colleen! Thank you so much for your compliment! I didn't use a pattern, I just kind of "winged" it from items I have made previously. They are both super easy~if you have a pattern for shorts you can just add elastic to the legs and waist in a casing! :)


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