Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Yep, it's that time again...The United States Postal Service new rate increase goes into effect on Sunday, January 27, 2013.  I'm sure you've heard about it---it's been the talk of every forum and message board for the last couple of weeks!
These rates are going into effect with everyone, so you will see these new rates pretty much anywhere you order online that uses USPS for shipping.

We'll start with the US--once again, no substantial rate increase for US customers.  You will see on average .25 cents to .50  cent increases in postage across the board on all 1st Class, Priority Mail and Express Mail shipping products.

Now for International...
We'll start with the GOOD news for Canada...
All 1st Class and Priority Mail will come standard with Delivery Confirmation.  This means that TRACKING should be available past the US Border for your order.  YAY!

The RATES for International Mail are as follows--

Flat Rate Envelopes to Canada will go from our current cost of $14.50 to $19.95 USD.

Flat Rate Envelopes everywhere else worldwide will go from our current rate of $18.00 to $23.95.

1st Class Mail for both Canada and everywhere else International will also be increasing $5.00-9.00 (USD) on average per parcel.

For International customers everywhere except Canada--the delivery confirmation is not yet available, but is scheduled to begin rolling out in Spring 2013.  So hopefully by this Spring, International customers will also have the delivery confirmation in place.

We have multiple International Customers tell us all the time that it is still more economic to order from the US than their own Country because even with the shipping, the fabric is still less expensive than it is to order at home. 

Remember, while the rates will increase, these rates are still substantially less expensive for International parcels than UPS or Fed Ex and NO ADDITIONAL BORDER FEES like UPS charges you to ship across Country borders.

We will have a complete and updated Shipping Rate table on our website's "SHIPPING" link this weekend with all of the new rates for you to view.  You can view new 1st Class, Priority and Express Mail Rates for Domestic and International Parcels.

Happy Sewing ☺

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