Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look What I Made! Volume 4

I reaaaaally love pillows~ I think they are the easiest way to spruce up a room and/or give it a new look if you don't want to paint or re-paint the walls.
I pulled some colors out of the area rug in our living room and decided to make some new pillows for the couch and love seat...and here they are!
Nifty, huh? ☺
I usually like prints on pillows~but these colors are so bold and pretty, I thought they would do best standing on their own.  I still had to have a print though, so I *did* make some larger pillows using a stripe print that matches all the colors.  You can see a glimpse of it on the back of the color block patchwork pillow at the bottom of the picture!
I cannot take credit for this particular pillow design though~ A guy (yes, a GUY) at one of my fabric distributors was the inspiration with a pillow design he created for an in-store display.  I loved the tufted button on the pillow, so he and I picked out the fabric for mine!  Since he whipped them up for an in-store display and didn't have a pattern, I just went home and sized them like I wanted them and guesstimated how I could make the envelope flap...it took 3 tries to get it right!  LOL--I mixed mine up a bit adding some Color Block pillows and making the tufted button a different color than the main solid color on each pillow.
They were a hit!  Everyone loves what I did with mine an how I put a new twist on it!
They just provide a *Pop* of color to the living room and everyone who comes over has been raving about how fabulous they look!  My Mother-in-Law liked them so much that she asked me to make some for her!  I whipped up 2 big ones for her in outdoor fabric for her patio chairs!  They are Maroon and Camel colored and they look soooo good in those colors!  I should have taken a pic of them before she snatched 'em!

I've got tons of project ideas in the works~including some new items for the Hypernoodle Handmade shop.  I'm hoping to be able to get them done in the next few weeks~ Yay! 
Happy Sewing, Ya'll! ☺

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