Sunday, August 28, 2011

My vice...

In addition to being addicted to fabric, I am also addicted to these:
Ahhhhhh...Little Debbie is both a nemesis and a close, close friend...
This is my all time #1 vice...I love Oatmeal Creme Pies soooooooo much, it is *INSANE*!
I have at least 2 per day and I have eaten an entire box on more than one occasion~I seriously cannot stop eating them--I've tried on many, many occasions. 
My husband would probably pay any amount of money to send me to Oatmeal Creme Pie Rehab if there were such a thing.  I've often wondered if there is an illegal substance in them that causes them to be so addicting...
This obsession with Oatmeal Crem Pies (I affectionately call them "OCP") has been going on for the better part of 10 years....Do I think there is a strange correlation between this acronym (OCP) and OCD ??? Ummmmm--YAH! LOL!
OCP's are scrumptious and they are part of my creativity ritual...believe it or not, whenever I am sketching new designs, I am eating an OCP...there is nothing in the WORLD like an OCP with an ice cold glass of milk...maybe it's the soft oatmeal cookie pies or the marshmallow-y sweet & fluffy center that sparks my creative juices ??? reality, it is probably a sugar rush that turns me into a "Hypernoodle"~nonetheless, it works!

I eat so many of these that my friend Dawn says that she is certain that the creme filling of an OCP runs through my veins instead of blood... LOL!
Anyone who knows me, knows of my love of OCP's--I have actually received boxes of them as GIFTS--yes...wrapped up with a bow and a card!
My husband and son KNOW better than to touch my OCP's...if one comes up missing, it will turn me into a raving lunatic (head spinning Exorcist style)!

So besides fabric...what is your vice?  Leave a comment and do tell--I'd love to know!!!
Also, it will make me feel like less of a crazy loon...LOL!!! ☺

Tomorrow the winner for Give-Away#4 will be choosen!


  1. I too love Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies! But my real vice is chocolate... especially in the form of brownies!!

  2. I love Domino-cookies. Dominos are similar to your Oreos, but they are way better. ;)


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