Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a Blog re-do Ya'll~!

Hey, Howdy, Hey!
To say it has been awhile would be an understatement~ I have been *swamped* with so much!  & you know that I am the self professed "Worst Blogger--2009 and 2010" But much like Stella, I'm getting my groove back (LOL)~things are lining up well--so, staying in touch with all my fellow Hypernoodle's is one of the things on the top of my priority list!
One of my main problems blogging was that I was totally un-inspired by the overly "blah" look of my blog, and it was a perpetual thing on my "to-do" list to change this~  Well after realizing that I was never going to get to it myself, I enlisted help!  And here is the result....*TA-DAAAAAAA*!!  Me Likey!  What about you? 
Being the "Hypernoodle" that I am~I'm still playing around with the colors...they may stay the same and they may change a bit in the near future...along with a lot of other things I've got coming down the pipe!  (Stay tuned for more on that!)  But for right now, I am loving this pretty new blog and I hope that you are looking forward to all the awesomeness that is forthcoming from Hypernoodle!  ♥

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