Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The (Fabric) walls are caving in!

So here's what my "sewing room" (I use that term verrrry lightly) has turned into...

Not a lot of sewing goes on in here anymore, that's why I use the term "sewing room" lightly--LOL
And that's not even the 1/2 of it!  There are 3 other walls that look exactly like this!
And here is what is left of our "Guest Bedroom" (also using this term verrrry lightly)

Again, the above picture is only 1 wall in this room...there are 3 more like this!
My Husband and Son are up to their ears in fabric...Every time the UPS guy shows up they moan in unison...it is pretty comical if you ask me.
It has become obvious that we need to move~Hypernoodle Fabrics has taken off like mad and I am in desperate need of a dedicated studio to house all these bolts.  By the way--this doesn't even *BEGIN* to cover my personal fabric stash which currently lives in: Every closet in our home--including over 1/2 of the Master Bedroom Closet...
When the shipping boxes and supplies started inching their way into my husband's beloved Garage...that was the end of it for him!  LOL--now he wholeheartedly agrees that we need to move...I can't blame him, he loves working on cars and tinkering with fixing stuff so when I start invading his space--you can stick a fork in him!  Plus, I would be fully annoyed if his tools and toys started ending up in my "sewing room"--so touché!
Not looking forward to moving again, but it is totally necessary and unavoidable.. plus, it will provide everyone of Hypernoodle Fabric customers with a lot more fabric and hey....who doesn't want that?!?!?!  (Hello!!!)  ☺

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