Thursday, January 2, 2014

Look What I Made! New Year, New Bags!

Goodness knows, I am NOT one for keeping "New Years Resolutions"...especially the sewing kind.
I'm not called: "HYPERNOODLE" for nothin'!  My overactive mind makes me horrible at sticking to pledges to "make this" or "sew that" in any constricting kind of time frame.
One thing I do know is that over the last few years, I have really, deeply, truly missed making things (especially purses/wallets and plushies)....and making things makes me HAPPY.  Being a creative person is very fulfilling when you are putting the pieces of a project together.  I don't know about you, but it gives me a "rush" that is just not comparable to many things!
My creative spark has been missing...mainly because with my second love (The Fabric Shop) I don't have time to be creative much less sew.  I've got several things I've sewn over the last year sporadically here and there that I've never even listed in my handmade Etsy shop!  I'll be getting them in there this week though!
So resolutions aside, I thought to myself..."Self, I'm not going to make a sewing resolution this year, but doing things that make me HAPPY needs to come to the front of the line", simply because I like the way making things makes me feel.
With that in mind, a couple of weeks ago, I sat down and sketched out some bag designs.  Did the math (my least favorite part--UGH!), then whipped up some new bags for the New Year!  Take a look!
Although I'd really like to keep both, the one on the left was a Christmas present for my sister.  We are both "Brit-fanatics" and I knew she'd love this Union Jack purse! 
Me, anything mod & geometric gets me goin' so I decided to make the Pink Chevron purse on the right for myself.  Both of these fabrics are available in my fabric shop right now!

Then, once I got started, I couldn't stop!  I went into my personal fabric stash and pulled this French Bull print (Windham Fabrics) out and it SPOKE to me ("Make a purse with ME" it kept saying!  LOL) and I obliged...
I was on a roll....I started drawing more ideas for bags and then sketching some super cute plushies that have been floating around in my "hypernoodle' for months!  
I looked back at these plushies I made several years ago because they always make me smile!  I sold them both and wish I would have made a second one of each!
Have you ever made something then looked back at it (many years) later and thought "OMG, I could make these SOOOOOO much better now!!!"...well, that was me looking at these plushie pics!

Purses made and sketches for new plushies creative spark is restored.
Then....I had an epiphany....a real "A-HA" moment, if you will....what was it you ask?  Details coming verrrrrry soon!
But for now, I wanted to share these with you in hopes that your creative spark will be jump-started for your 2014 projects!
Happy Sewing! :)


  1. Are you going to offer patterns for those 2 new bags you made.....I love them!

    1. Hi Judy!
      Thank you so much for your compliment! That is on the horizon! I have plans to have tutorials here on my blog for several things and also converting some of my bags into purchasable patterns!
      Stay tuned! :)

  2. I am totally with Judy - I've said this before and still think you should do patterns! Those bags are amazing and I would buy all your patterns! Luv your bags. Happy new year to you and good for you for doing what makes you happy :) My new years' resolution is close and that is do more sewing/creating and loading my Etsy store.

    1. Awww Sue! You are too sweet! Thank you! & I do remember you telling me this before! It's been on my mind ever since! Happy New Year to you too!! :)

  3. very cute.. yes sparked.. I need to make some felty food for Emma's birthday

    1. Ooooo Felty Food! Love! It is so much fun creating food from felt! Please share what you make, I love felty food! :)

  4. Those bags are beautiful! Yes, I would also love to see patterns for those, just lovely!


    1. Thank you so much, Annie! I've got so many bags in the works! Free Tutorials and also Purchasable Patterns!


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