Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weeeee'rrre Baaaaack!

Howdy Ya'll!
We're back open in the full swing of things!
Lots of new Fabrics arrived while we were gone~here's a peek at a few of the duos:
Sweet!!!!  These sets are just a handful of the slew of new prints we have coming into the Fabric Store...there are so many new fabrics being released by all the manufacturers that my head is spinning!  Every time we blink, there are new lines being announced & on top of that, Quilt Market is only a couple of months away!  What will we do with all this fresh new stuff?  WE WILL CREATE of course! ☺
Prior to vacation, I was feverishly working on more new handmade items as well.  I've got 3 new bag designs in the works, plus a new pouch/zipper case!  So those of you looking for new Hypernoodle Handmade items,....they're a'comin!!!
I'll keep ya posted!!

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