Monday, May 7, 2012

These fabrics won't be coming back...

Bad news all  :(
Just received word from Michael Miller on some prints that are NOT going to be re-printed as they are being retired...they are:


Also informed that MOCCA IN WHITE from Alexander Henry will likely NOT be re-printed either.  Alexander Henry will only re-print a fabric if they have 2,000 yards pre-ordered...they currently have only a little over 700 yards pre-ordered from shop owners...and we've had this fabric on order for over a year-- in that year they've only collected 100 more yards of orders from vendors.  So it is looking like this one will not be getting a re-print.

I know that some of you are going to be totally bummed by this news, most of these were very popular prints and there are still people on the waiting list for most of the listed ones above.

(**By the way, we will be sending out an e-mail blast to everyone on the waiting list for any of these fabrics in case you haven't read the blog or seen the Facebook post about them being retired/discontinued**)

My only words of wisdom are that we have to think along the lines of the manufacturers when ordering fabrics.  Hard as it is sometimes, we have to be willing to embrace the new prints and keep an open mind to "switching up" the prints we work with.  I know some of you are thinking "If it ain't broke, dont' fix it!"  LOL--but for some reason or another, it is "Broke" for the manufacturer when they decide to retire/discontinue a print.
The manufacturers put out new lines every Fall and Spring and also have mini-lines approximately 3-4 times a year.  With all of the new prints, it is inevitable that the older ones will not stay around forever. 
The manufacturers want to be "Fresh" and "Fashion Forward" and all the new lines are meant to replace the old ones.  Just as in Fashion, the same things don't follow trend from season to season.  It's hard to adjust our thought pattern when we are so used to using a particular print, trust me, I know!  But we've got to open up our minds (or at least try) to embrace the new and let go of the old....change is GOOD! ☺
I know that many of you have shops and make items in the same fabrics repeatedly...and rightfully so if they sell in your shop!  But the prints can only be offered as long as the manufacturers are still making them, so we have to let go of them and offer up new ones.
We get asked quite often by people "Which prints are going to continually be re-stocked?" Because some folks have fabric options and pictures listed for their customers to choose a fabric for an item or want to continually keep making things in a print because it sells well in their shop.  And the answer is always "As long as it sells in our shop and the manufacturer keeps making it, we will re-stock it"...problem is not up to us which prints stay and which prints go.  :(

With this is mind, please remember that your favorite print could be retired any moment, any day, any time...sad as it is, let's consider some of the new and fresh prints the manufacturers have to offer!
Remember, change is GOOD! ☺

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  1. Oh Man I saw the Micheal Miller Jam Session in Brown and felling love with it and have been searching all over the internet for it! I am glad I ran across your blog! Thanks for informing everyone!


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