Monday, March 5, 2012

Good News ~Bad News...

Sooooo, I talked to my contact at Alexander Henry Fabrics today...and I have good news and bad news...

Bad News 1st : It looks like 2 favorite fabrics are not going to be printed again and have joined the land of "Discontinued Prints"--we are *totally* bummed about it  :(
The 2 in question are: Inked Tatoo Girls and Mocca in White.
I know there will be a bunch of you who are bummed as well, but in the world of fabrics-some of them come and go.  And that means that we have to shed a tear and then move on to the new/fresh/up and coming lines...

With that said--the GOOD news is that Alexander Henry has some new stuff and we are getting a few of them in house!  Here's a peek at one of them:
Join the Mustache craze and get ready for this awseome print~ love it!
Also more skulls:
Both of the above prints come in other colorways too
Plus a few others!  Head on over to the Website and check out the "COMING SOON" section to see them all~ there's also new ones coming from Riley Blake as well~
We'll be adding in the Robert Kaufman Christmas prints soon!
Happy Sewing! ☺

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