Friday, July 22, 2011

Look What I Made! Volume 2.... I never finished the other pair of lounge shorts I was telling you about (no surprise!)  I seriously have Craft induced spazi-ness, I can't keep my mind on a project long enough to follow through because then I get another idea in my head that sidetracks me! (this is where the name "Hypernoodle" came from, in case you didn't know!)  When it comes to projects and ideas, I am *definitely* all over the place.  One minute I'm like "ooooooo, yeah! I'm going to make such-and-such!"......
10 minutes later, I'm like: "What was that I was saying I was going to make?....oh well...ooooooooo, I can make this doo-dad!"  Well, this happened about 40,000 times before I started carrying around a little notebook I call my "Hyper Pad" so that I could at least write down these ideas as they are coming at me. (It helps!)

Besides not being able to sew with the launch of, here is what also side-tracked me from the lounge shorts........a cute lil' night gown/pajama dress:
 nothing fancy--super easy!  This is my "Knit Escapade, Part Deux"--hee hee hee--I made the spaghetti straps out of ribbon!  As usual, no pattern...I already had measured myself for the lounge shorts, so I guesstimated the length I wanted it & cut out a simple silhouette with a scoop fits perfect!
And yes.....the mannequin has on a turtleneck...LOL...I didn't feel like undressing her to take the pic-LOL!
There's nothing like sewing, is there? *Sigh* it's soooo rewarding!
I just KNOW you guys can identify! ;)

There's another Give-Away coming next week, ya'll~so stay tuned!

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