Saturday, May 7, 2011

Color Block Tot in the House...

So it looks like the New Fabrics that were supposed to come this week have been delayed  :(  Booooo!  But they are scheduled to ship out the week of the 16th, so not much longer!

Speaking of "New" fabrics...for those of you who don't know, I entered the recent Project Selvage contest on Spoonflower which was also sponsored by Micheal Miller Fabrics.  My fabric--named "Color Block Tot"  made it into the semi-final round --the top 75 out of almost 1,000 entries!  I've been playing with designing fabrics for awhile as fabric is an absolute obsession of mine that I am very passionate about.  So I decided to throw my hat into the ring (so to speak)!  There are some amazingly talented people who entered~ I didn't make it into the finals--but I am soooooo proud of myself for making it into the top 75 with my very 1st design!  It gives me that motivational push I need to press on!  I am not a professional graphic designer in any way shape or form~
My area of design expertise is sewing projects--I can design a purse from start to finish (and oodles of other things)~ and whip it together like there is no tomorrow because I *always* have TONS of ideas floating around in my head (thus the "Hypernoodle") So while I was designing these purses, plushies, wallets, diaper bags and fabric bins--I started envisioning fabrics I'd like them to be made in during the design process...problem was--there wasn't anything like the ones I was seeing in my head on the market! was the next natural step to start designing them myself!
But graphic design is a whoooooole 'nother animal--not for the faint of heart, indeed!  I've been teaching myself graphic design and have been lucky enough to have the help of my friend Dawn (who is an *amazing* graphic designer) I was able to mock up enough stuff up to have an actual design book of prints doodled out that needed to be digitized...and when the Spoonflower contest came up~ I thought no better time than the present & Color Block Tot was the one I choose for the contest.  I got an amazing response and some very lovely Congrats from my customers in the Etsy Shop (Thanks, ya'll!!!) If you haven't seen it, here is the design:

If you want to see the print in repeat (the way it will look when actually printed in a FQ or in yardage) check out my Spoonflower profile:

then just click on the fabric and you can select the radio dial button for how you want to view it in repeat  (ex: 1 yard, 2 yards, 5 yds--FQ)
So, I ordered a test-swatch of the fabric from Spoonflower and it finally came this week (took almost a month!) So here it is:

When I saw the coloring, I was like "ACK!!"---NOOOOOoooo!! 
It was accurate on the RGB color scale in the digitized version...but it came out with a "washed out" look in the sample.  I wasn't too shocked because I had heard that with the way Spoonflower prints, the coloring can get skewed sometimes.  But, this is how we live and learn, right?
It's hard to tell in the picture, but all the colors are actually ok---except the red---it looks like a dark salmon  :(  ... the green is actually a moss color--the brown could be a shade or two darker as well.  So it's going to get tweaked and I'll get another sample printed to make sure it is more "true" in color and then I will be ordering a couple of yards or so to cut and sell as FQ's in my shop!  Yaaayyy!  I'm so proud!  I've got coordinates for this print as well~that will be coming soon! 
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a FQ or 1/2 yard of a one of a kind-original Hypernoodle Fabric!  When the tweaking is complete and I get some printed...there may also be a *give-a-way* on the blog for a FQ of my very 1st original fabric design!!  *Yippeee*!!!! ☺

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