Monday, August 17, 2009

I think it's safe to say that if my life depended on me blogging.....I'd be in deeeeeeeep trouble--lol--
I am soooooo ridiculously busy...between the original Hypernoodle shop, the fabric shop, my real job and my family, I don't have time to do much of anything else! I am in the process of trying to find a happy medium between it all--it is a slow process. Having a good idea of where you want to go is really quite a it's all about getting there! :)
Well, the good news is I finally finished the new wallet and have a couple of them listed in my Etsy shop! Yaaaayyy--now with that tackled, I have 2 new bag designs for fall--I'm so excited abou them! The design process is usually very lengthy for me, but these came to me rather quickly a mere 4 weeks ago and are moving along quite rapidly! Surprising! Especially since I have been working on like 6 other designs and they just went on the back burner when these popped in my head--lol--I have had an amazing streak of creativity lately so I'm just going to roll with it! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

On another note, I'm really glad it's almost Fall, I looooove it when the seasons change! The obvious things come about like a change of weather and temperature--but to means a whole bunch of new fabric lines--color schemes and textured fabrics! Wheeeeeee! name is Michelle and I am a Fabricholic......("Hi Michelle")...
I am looking so forward to going to Quilt Market this year, it is only about 6 weeks away! Yippee!! I'm going to try to not go too crazy because I've got a bunch of fabric bolts on backorder with Michael Miller for the FabricNoodle shop too--hopefully they will start coming in soon--if they're not here before Quilt Market, I may end up getting bigger eyes than I need to while I'm there....oh well...there is no such thing as too much fabric!
Check out the new listings in my shop--there will be more fabric in the FabricNoodle shop soon (as soon as Michael Miller ships my bolts!) and as usual, I am work, work, working on more purses n'stuff for Hypernoodle!

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