Friday, May 12, 2017

Organization and release of the fabric stash...

 Long time no see...
We're having a Garage Sale tomorrow, Saturday May13, on for more info!

Yep, I've been MIA...soooo many things going on in life...not going to bore you with the details though!  Let's just start from here....

I have to date completed 3 purse patterns and STILL have not completed anymore.  It seems that I am in constant "review, edit and change" mode.  I always make prototypes for my bags while creating patterns and every time I make one, I find a new/better/more efficient way of doing something and end up back in edit mode.
While I realize this is counter-productive (ya think?-lol) It has gotten me to the point of realizing that I am much too picky in the "details".  Then I got to the point where I wondered if I would ever be comfortable enough releasing any patterns at all.

In the midst of this ongoing internal battle, I had some major "day job" changes in my life which forced me to set all my pattern making mind puzzles to the side.  It was frustrating, but also helped me get back to not being under the pressure of "producing, producing, producing"!!!  It really was a blessing because I was able to work at my own pace, play with things and truly enjoy MAKING things which, in all honesty, is what it's all about!! So the future of the patterns coming out, is to be continued.....

At any rate, I recently, I took a leap and got a brand new Craft Cabinet 2.0 (see pic to the left above) It has helped me organize my studio soooooo much!  I love it!  With that, I decided it was time to let go of my completely out of control, overgrown, waaaaayyy to much fabric stash.  I have switched exclusively into using heavier weight fabrics for my bags and only using the quilting fabric for some exterior detailing and interior linings.
All of the fabric I'm keeping is on the bottom shelf of my new craft cabinet (see pic)
This leaves me with TONS of quilting fabric from my stash and fabrics from the shop I could not bear to part with when it was open.


We're having a Garage Sale tomorrow, Saturday May13, 2017
It was originally for your basic household/garage sale kind of stuff----and we will still have that stuff---But, I will decided to put my stash in the mix & have ALL sorts of quilting fabrics up for grabs at BELOW wholesale prices!!!! We're talking $.50 cents up to 3$ a half yard to a full yard plus FQ's and loads of scraps (you can make your own scrap pak if you come by!) Plus also some fleece, minky and other fabric types.
If you live in the Houston Metro area and would like to come by for some SUPER SAVINGS on designer quilting fabric, please email me or got to my Facebook page and PM me for the address!  There will be some fantastic deals as everything must go!!!

After the garage sale, if no crafty fabric folks show up and snatch up these great fabric buys, I will offer shipped bundles if you don't live in the Houston Metro area and are still interested in a great may still be in luck!  Details will come on that either Sunday on Monday so check back!!!

Happy Sewing!

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